Tydings Capital is creating a true merchant banking model to take advantage of unique investment opportunities that may come from advisory roles or from our network of investors.
Tydings Capital has a unique investment vehicle that benefits our investors and clients and the firm has significant experience and success in these types of opportunities.

  • Investment opportunities are numerous, diverse and most often proprietary
  • Numerous CEO and financial sponsor relationships
  • Exclusive group of global investors will be part of the network
  • One-off investments on a case-by-case basis
  • Ability to invest in Tydings Capital deals at the client's request
  • Access to non-Tydings Capital deal flow


The Hallmarks of Tydings Capital

  • An Unrelenting Focus on the Client
  • An Elite Relationship Network
  • Perseverance
  • Integrity
  • A Global Approach
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit & Creativity

Relationship Banking

With the financial landscape dramatically altered, boutique firms are flourishing as CEOs of corporations and financial sponsors seek trusted advice and proprietary deal flow. This can only be accomplished by having an intense focus on idea generation for fewer clients. Tydings is not transactional but instead believes in long-term relationships.